How continuous freeze-drying fits
in the paradigm shift from batch
to continuous manufacturing


White paper - Continuous freeze-drying

The paradigm shift from batch to continuous manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing integrates all unit operations into an uninterrupted production train without a start/stop phase at each unit operation. Raw materials are continuously fed into the process, and finished products are continuously removed. Quality assurance during a continuous process enables continuous monitoring and control of critical process parameters, as well as continuous inspection of quality attributes of end products through at-line, online, or in-line measurements in the process stream.

We have created a White Paper describing how continuous aseptic freeze-drying can address the major pain points of  pharmaceutical batch freeze-drying such as: time-consuming, inefficient, energy-consuming, and poorly controlled.

With a special case study from the company simAbs ( which designed a continuous manufacturing process that consistently produces high-quality Drug Substance of monoclonal antibodies.

After more than 50 years it is time for a paradigm shift.

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